2017 – 2018 Mantras

Let’s do it then, new year, new month, new blog, new post, here we are 2018. I rather like the number 8 so I sense already it’s going to be a corker of a year. What a year 2017 was for us, a whirlwind of celebrations, 1st birthdays, new job anxiety, returning to work anxiety, re-training and generally a lot of being thankful for being where we are.

Myself and my loverboy met on the high seas sailing around the World on Super Yachts, life, money and clothes were disposable. Time raced by in the most ridiculous places like Monaco, Antigua, St Tropez, St Lucia, Sardinia, Capri, Palma, we were cooked for by some of the Worlds best chefs and life generally on and off the dance floor was a million miles per hour.

When we travelled home Christmas 2015 and shockingly discovered I was pregnant, (shockingly in the sense that is was a total utter surprise we had never anticipated ), we decided to set up shop back home, utilise the good old NHS, grab our current life and tip it completely upsidedown and take the plunge of civilian, general public, “normal” life.


It was one of the toughest years, challenging in the sense that there are no super yachts here, there are no jobs in the UK that pay the same money and allow you to live the same lifestyle ( not that it would even be near possible to do this with a newborn ), from living in apartments all over the World to back at my Mother’s house, earning less than you have ever done even when you were waitressing at 16 and very quickly switching your habits and mindset from a certain way and lifestyle to the complete opposite is tough. What i’m trying to get at is… for me, it has taken pretty much having everything you want on tap, to not… to allow me to feel more humble, calm and more appreciative than i’ve ever been of life and what we already have. And the sense of excitement that I have bubbling of our years to come together is putting a warm smile on my face.


To think a year ago I would be strutting into 2017 and have experienced what we did, I would of never believed it. Don’t get me wrong, it was an emotional rollercoaster and there have been some low times that we have had to work very hard at. You can try to and plan your life, but can you really? What happens when you plan, you get there, then it’s not what you’d “planned” or set out for. We have flipped our life without planning and without the mantra that I feel is heard all too often “you must do uni, gap year, job, meet a partner, buy your own home, get married then pop out 2:4 children”. To me this does not automatically qualify you as successful, a better person or happy. I just sense with this a whiff of pressure to conform to regimented way of life, that lets face it, has just become habit in the Western World. All this where do you see yourself in 5 years time nonsense, I’m more excited about where we are now and hopeful for tomorrow. Embrace every urge, every idea and do things you feel are most fulfilling for you. Don’t plan, we didn’t, we’re always just working on it.

Because what happens when you’ve done the plan, you’re searching for the next thing, that you don’t already have. Be grateful, be kind, take risks and invest in people that invest in you…that’s this years mantra.